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Once you have the Puttu flour, making Puttu becomes an easily executable task and it can be prepared within minutes. Fresh homemade Puttu flour yields soft Puttus. The quality of the rice plays a major role in perfectly textured Puttus. We can use Raw Rice/Parboiled Rice/ Kerala Rose Matta Rice for making Puttu flour. Preparing Rice flours for Puttu/Idiyappam/Appam is a common task in a Kerala kitchen. Though preparation of each flour is slightly different, the basic ingredient i.e the Rice remains the same. Usually, a large batch of Rice flour is prepared and stored for later usage. Well prepared and stored home made flour stays good for up to 1 month. Puttu flour can be stored for a week and Idiyappam flour can be stored for 1 month. You can see cooking instructions in "Lets Cook".



Mehak Singhania

Thanks for the great advice, I never enjoyed that much great rice puttu ever.