Secret Recipe for Perfectly Cooked Long Grain Brown Rice

The longer I cook the simpler my recipes become but the difference is I really want to excel and perfect in completing a recipe. Perfection does not come as easily as you think when it comes to rice.! In fact it is not so easy at all! It’s not as simple as cover the pan and go about your business, but instead it becomes a necessity to be there if you want it to turn out great and participate in the preparation and cooking steps . But if you follow the simple steps and stay around, your rice dish will be a success every time. The ingredients are basic and don’t break the bank. In addition, most of us have a pretty good idea what taste and texture rice should be so there is really not much freedom to define a new way of rice cooking. Rinsing rice with plenty of water is of outmost importance. It “washes” off excess starch and talc powder that is used in the grinding process. Talc keeps the mill running smoothly. Rinsing is done in a pot of water until the water runs off clear or in other word has no more cloudy appearance. Sometimes it requires changing the water up to four times. Also this step pre-hydrates the rice, which will help cooking the rice evenly. Further, many people swear by soaking the rice in water before cooking, for up to four hours, or a minimum of two hour. This gives the cooked rice a particular lightness that is also know as fluffiness. Pre soaking the rice should be done in the actual cooking water so that the ratio of rice to water won’t get messed up.



Arti Shukla

Thanks for the great advice, I never enjoyed that much great brown rice ever.

Harneet Kaur

Thanks for this useful information. I will try this next time.